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    Game Six Quotes

"This was some kind of game, right? I don't keep up with the World Series, but if there was a better game ever played, I'd like to know what it was.--- Reds Third Baseman Pete Rose

"The Pete Rose quote is great, and everybody had the feeling that we may be a part of history, that this may be the greatest game ever played, that this may be the greatest moment in baseball, no matter who you're rooting for." --- Red Sox broadcaster George Grande

"From the inside looking out, it was tough to say how dramatic Game 6 was. Looking at it now, every minute of that game, you could see the intensity. Sometimes in games, you can see a couple of innings when you relax. But the intensity in that game was there in every inning. On every pitch."
--- Reds outfielder George Foster

"It wasn't special for me. I wanted to win." --- 20 years later, Sparky Anderson

"I would have been the first Dominican pitcher to win a World Series game. I was sorry about the way things happened. Then, I went to the Dominican to play winter ball and I had a burn over my leg. It was sore for two months." --- Reds Pitcher Pedro Borbon

"I agree with what everybody says. It was the greatest baseball game I've ever seen. What was interesting was that Rawly Eastwick had already won the MVP award forthat World Series. The ballots had already been passed out. "--- Reds broadcaster Marty Brennaman, who was was already in the Reds' clubhouse awaiting a celebration.

"Darcy was a low-ball pitcher, and Fisk was a low-ball hitter. Darcy threw it down and in, and when Carlton hit it, 'I was going, Go foul! Go foul."---Ken Griffey

"Pat's warming up, and he can barely get it over the plate. I looked over at Sparky and shook my head. He didn't have anything. His arm was sore. There was no chance. It didn't matter if it was Carlton or whoever. We weren't going to get out of that inning. There was going to be enough offense in that inning to beat us."---Johnny Bench

"The consensus was, we didn't mind it going fair. We were saying to ourselves, 'When will this game end?' The analogy is in tennis, when you win the first set and get down in the second set, it's not like you sacrifice the second set, but you want to save something for the third."---George Foster

"Just to play in such an exciting game meant so much. But it wasn't the most important game to us."
---Pete Rose

"I thought, it looks like we'll never win a World Series, that it was just like the Oakland series (in 1972), that here comes the same thing all over again. Darn right, I was down." ---Sparky Anderson

Carbo's Homerun

"The two-strike pitch Bernie Carbo fouled off was like the worst swing you could imagine. But he ticked it out of Bench's glove."--- Pete Rose

"That was one of the most unbelievable at-bats I've ever seen. He looked so bad, it was unbelieveable. He absolutely looked like one of the replacement players." --- Johnny Bench

"That game was very important for us, and we wanted to win it. After we got three runs on top, we thought everything was OK. Then ... BOOM!"--- Reds first baseman Tony Perez

"Bernardo was one of my favorites. I had him in the minor leagues, too. All my children were so happy when he did that. I wasn't happy. I knew we were in deep trouble, because we were down very deep into the bullpen. I knew if it was an extra-inning game, there would be problems."--- Sparky Anderson

Doyle out at home

"I felt I was in good position to catch the ball, and I didn't want to give him another chance to swing the bat. I didn't want to take for granted where the ball would go. I just wanted to catch the ball and get rid of it. I knew I was in good position, my body was turned properly, and I threw a one-hopper to the plate. I was excited. The world got a chance to see, yes, I can throw."
--- George Foster

Evans Catch

"I didn't think Dewey (Evans) would make the catch, and there was no way I could get back."
--- Ken Griffey.